Check in online

ZipPass Check in at Steel Valley Urgent CareUse our secure ZipPass® online patient registration system to ensure you’re in our system when you arrive at Steel Valley Express Care. We have implemented this online check-in system for your convenience as it will likely shorten your wait time before being seen by our clinical staff.

Check in Online before you arrive.

Please note:

  • Other medical emergencies may delay your treatment time.
  • Available time slots are provided for our patients’ convenience. Simply click on the ZipPass logo and follow the instructions.
  • ZipPass is only available during certain hours of operation. Should you attempt to use this feature and find that it is unavailable, it is either because all programmed slots have been filled or you are trying to schedule an appointment outside of ZipPass hours.
  • Since we are primarily a walk-in clinic and patient flow is unpredictable, please feel free to call or come in to be seen.  ZipPass patients may be seen before walk-in patients depending on the clinic’s patient volume.

ZipPass® is a service of Practice Velocity® Urgent Care EMR™