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Protecting yourself and your loved-ones from preventable diseases can be fast and easy.  Steel Valley Express Care offers flu shots and vaccines 7 days a week. We provide children, adults and seniors with the appropriate immunizations to maintain good health. It is important for at-risk populations such as young children, older adults, and people with certain chronic health problems to be vaccinated. Serious health issues and even death can be prevented.

We offer:

Flu (Influenza)
Td (Tetanus, Diptheria)

Other vaccines can be ordered.  Please call for availability.

Vaccines help kick-start your body’s natural protective mechanisms. Vaccines work by introducing a small amount of an antigen that resembles a disease into your body in a weakened or dead form. Your body defends itself from this intruder by creating antibodies against the real disease. When you encounter the disease in the real world your body is ready to protect itself.  Some antibodies stay with you for a lifetime; others fade with time. A simple blood test (serum titer) can indicate whether or not you need a booster for one of your vaccines or immunizations.

Our physicians will take the time to answer all your questions about vaccines so you can make the right decision for you and your family.

For more information about school requirements for vaccinations please click here.